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Comps: BBL Fantasy Fox Sports Fantasy 20/20
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Po = Position...
all-rounder or
BBL Fantasy = BBL Fantasy.
BBL Fantasy = Fox Sports 20/20 Fantasy.
Rn(b) = Runs (balls faced).
SR = Strike rate (runs per ball in per cent)...
in BLUE for 150+ (T20/F50)... or
in GREEN for 130-149.99 (T20/F50)...
or black when 20+ balls (T20/F50), otherwise grey.
6s = Sixes.
OMRW = Overs, maidens, runs, wickets.
ER = Economy rate (runs conceded per over)...
in BLUE for 0-6 (T20/F50) or 0-2.5 (Tests)... or
in GREEN for 6.01-8 (T20/F50) or 2.5-3.5 (Tests)...
or black when 3+ overs (T20/F50) or 10+ overs (Tests), otherwise grey.
St = Stumpings. Ct = Catches. RO = Run outs.
DC = Dropped catches. Mf = Misfields.